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Submission Guidelines

Submissions are welcome on the following topics with relevance to Asian development:

  • growth (including inclusive growth, escaping the middle-income trap, new or alternative growth and development paradigms)
  • institutions and development
  • inequality and income distribution
  • urbanization and rural development
  • financial sector development
  • macroeconomic management
  • regional integration and cooperation
  • hard and soft infrastructure

To submit manuscripts, please click on and complete the submission process. Asian Development Review does not charge author APCs (article processing charges) or any other fees. Volume 38:1 of the Asian Development Review is the last issue published by MIT Press. After this issue, the journal will be published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

ADR’s Editorial Policy

Manuscript submissions to the Asian Development Review are processed using an online manuscript submission system. A paper submitted is initially reviewed by the Editor and the appropriate member of the Editorial Board, to assess suitability for the journal, and whether it merits refereeing. If the paper is deemed suitable, the Editorial Board selects the referees. Manuscripts are reviewed in a double-blind fashion.

The journal uses two reviewers. A third referee will be engaged in case the recommendations of the two referees are not consistent. The referees are selected based on their field of expertise. To avoid conflict of interest, referees involving (i) current colleagues and graduate students at the same institution, and (ii) coauthors of current papers or papers published less than 2 years ago, are not assigned to review papers.

If a paper is “Rejected,” the Editor sends the author a letter explaining the reasons for the rejection and provides him/her a copy of the referees’ comments.

Authors whose paper is rated as “Revise and Resubmit” will receive a letter from the Editor explaining the decision and the main points raised by the reviewers, together with the latter’s reports. The author must address the comments by providing a substantive discussion of the issues raised by the reviewers. The revised manuscript and the response to the reviewers’ comments are sent to the referees for review and evaluation. In case the referees require another round of revisions, the same process will be followed.

Based on the recommendation of the reviewers and of the Editorial Board, the Editor makes the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of manuscripts for publication.

Processing Time

An author is notified within two weeks from submission whether or not his/her paper will undergo refereeing. Papers that are refereed and eventually rejected: the average time to notify authors is three months. Papers that are accepted for publication: the average time to complete the process from submission to refereeing and final acceptance is seven months.

Instructions for Authors 

Full guidelines, addressing manuscript and text styles, mathematical expressions, footnotes, tables and figures, citations and references, abstracts, and proofs can be found the provided PDF.

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