Available on JSTOR at: doi.org/10.2307/3334284

Political conflict between Africa and the Occident loses force with the end of the colonial period but the conflict of culture becomes a sudden and acute discovery. The African has adopted a language and a civilization that had been thrust upon him but he continues to claim the traditions and the heritage of his ancestors. He possesses the science, techniques, and means of expression of another culture but refuses to deny his own uniqueness. Haunted by the culture of his ancestors yet trained in the ways of the Occident, he suffers a deep anguish which can only be relieved through a synthesis of the two civilizations–a necessary but difficult process. The novel, L'Aventure Ambiguë, by the Senegalese Cheikh Hamidou Kane serves as an example to Dominique Desanti who describes the workings of this conflict. She explains how one of its outcomes can be tragedy–spiritual and even physical death.

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