Available on JSTOR at: doi.org/10.2307/3334550

This year's winning writer, Olawale Rotimi, is a Nigerian play-wright. He was educated in this country, taking his BA in Theater at Boston University and an MA in Playwriting at Yale. At present he is lecturer in literature at the University of Ife and Director of the Ori Olokun Theater in Ile-Ife. He has written several plays, but the present work is based upon the Oedipus legend. This tragedy has been set into the Nigerian cultural scene, which lends it a special intensity and universality. The play was first produced at the Ori Olokun Theater and readers may recall the editor's reactions to its first production in Ife. The use of a borrowed plot can be merely a crutch to a writer but in this case it forms only the efficient sinews for a poetic and dramatic presentation that can be played with heavy impact in the theater.

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