Available on JSTOR at: doi.org/10.2307/3345904

During the summer when the editor was in Nairobi, there was an exhibition of the work of a young artist, Francis Msangi. He works in a variety of media. He paints in oil and has produced both etchings and lithographs. In deciding to present some examples of his talented work to our readers, we recalled the interesting article in “African Arts/Arts d'Afrique” (Volume II, Number 3) last year, when another promising young artist, Hezbon Owiti, sent us some revealing and intriguing comments upon his own work and the sense of his role as an artist in an African country. We therefore asked Francis Msangi if he would write a few comments to add an important dimension to our readers“ understanding of his art. The following essay is the long letter Mr. Msangi sent in answer to our request. Its fresh and original observations allow us to feel a closer understanding of the attitudes which motivate this gifted young artist.

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