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The Grassfields region of Cameroon is home to many museums. In a region that is known for its prolific, well-studied, vibrant arts and cultures, museums have been a part of the cultural landscape for nearly one hundred years. The earliest examples are the Musée des Arts et Traditions Bamoums and the Foumban Palace Museum, both of which opened in the 1920s.1 Since their creation, other kingdoms throughout the region have been constantly building, opening, and renovating museums.2 Many kingdoms in the Grassfields have independently invested in their museums or sought financial support from NGOs. In 1999, the Centro Oreintamento Educativo (COE) initiated a project that has played a pivotal role in the renovation or development of four such palace museums: the Mankon, Baham, Bandjoun, and Babungo Museums.3

COE is a nongovernmental organization based in Barzio, Italy, that seeks to support...

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