The reopening in December 2018 of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA/MRAC), now also known as the AfricaMuseum, after five years of renovation (Fig. 1), has been a major event, not only in Belgium but way beyond its borders. Given the world wide celebrity of this interdisciplinary institution with its extraordinary collection of historical artifacts, I have considered it essential to solicit multiple voices and views. The commissioning of contributions for this multiauthor article has had its complications but was also quite revealing in its own right.

While criticism and much commentary circulated before and after the current coming-out of this prestigious museum, voices dispersed into the landscape. The RMCA remains a power house and treasure trove that continues to be in demand and, clearly, to command authority.

I am grateful to those who rose to the challenge and regret the reticence of the diaspora to share...

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