In African Arts vol. 53, no. 4, Dialogues editor Amanda M. Maples initiated a discussion of “African Restitution in a North American Context: A Debate, a Summary, and a Challenge.” The debate continues:

As I write, in August 2020, a pandemic of COVID-19 is raging and it is difficult to imagine what the world will look like in a year's time. Amanda M. Maples is to be congratulated for keeping alive a dialogue about restitution despite the ongoing moral and economic crisis and for bringing it squarely into North America. As Christine Mullen Kraemer (deputy director of the National Museum of African Art) advocated: It is time for American museums to run toward the issue, not away from it.1

Restitution is a topic that engages the law, history, moral and political philosophy, ethics, social history, tourism economies, art education. Engaging a wide range of African stakeholders is essential, perhaps...

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