It was on July 26, 2022, on a morning in Dakar, that I had a long talk with Hamady Bocoum (Fig 1), general director of the Museum of Black Civilizations (Fig. 2): He received me quietly, while I observed how the furniture was organized in his office—but mainly looked at the work by Abdoulaye Konaté, in blue tones, that hung on the wall (Fig. 3).

During the interview, Bocoum revealed the objectives, ideas, vision, and outlook that underlay the foundation of a museum that intends to create a new paradigm: He defends rebellion creativity and states that they do not follow the pattern of any previously established museum. He also claims a native outlook for a contemporary Africa that is more creative in the historical and cultural world.

Adriano Mixinge [A.M.]: Next December 6 [2022], the Museum will be four years old. Do you...

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