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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 27,
Issue 1
Winter 2021

2020 Impact Factor: 0.667
2019 Google Scholar h5-index: 17
ISSN: 1064-5462
E-ISSN: 1530-9185

Artificial Life, launched in the fall of 1993, has become the unifying forum for the exchange of scientific information on the study of artificial systems that exhibit the behavioral characteristics of natural living systems, through the synthesis or simulation using computational (software), robotic (hardware), and/or physicochemical (wetware) means. Each issue features cutting-edge research on artificial life that advances the state-of-the-art of our knowledge about various aspects of living systems. The journal shapes and chronicles the development of artificial life, extending the horizons of biological research beyond life-as-we-know-it and into the domain of life-as-it-could-be.

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