Tan Sri Lin See-Yan, Sunway University: This is a well-crafted paper—meticulously put together, with substantial supporting data, despite the limitations faced. The analysis is rather comprehensive; the conclusions are well-reasoned. The paper had noted that among its non-commodity trade, Malaysia's exports of electrical and electronic components and parts (EECP) to the United States and China are rather significant, although small in terms of their total imports from other parts of the world (Table 1).

Table 1.
Malaysia's exports of electrical & electronic components & parts (EECP) to the United States and China, 2017
United StatesChina
US$ billion% shareUS$ billion% share
Malaysia's EECP exports to 12.7 62a (Malaysia) 12.9 44a (Malaysia) 
Imports of EECP from world 705.6 8 (Malaysia) 627.5 5 (Malaysia) 
Malaysia's EECP export to world 92.1 28 (U.S.) 92.1 25 (China) 
United States...

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