Miao Zhang,  Xiamen University: The manuscript discusses Taiwan's political and economic position in U.S.–China trade war, and examines possible impacts received by Taiwan in the midst of the ongoing U.S.–China trade tension.

Considering Taiwan's special position of being politically close to the United States but more economically dependent on China, a study such as this one is imperative. Additionally, Taiwan's open and “shallow-dish” economy makes the country/region more sensitive than any other economies to external uncertainties in global economic environment.

Compared with the previous version, this revised version provides an additional session using regression to demonstrate that Taiwan's outward investment to China is significantly affected by Taiwan's lagged investment and exports to China, together with the gap of economic growth rates between Taiwan and China. In addition, the economic data used for analysis in this version have been updated (the trade data has been updated to the latest, September 2019)...

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