Tat Wai Tan,  Sunway University: This paper touches on the important issue of how the U.S.-China trade war will impact on Taiwan's economy.1 It is important not just for Taiwan, but also a reflection for other economies that have increasingly benefited from their association with the high growth economy of China and the supply chain engulfing them.

My comments focus on two aspects: The first is on the underlying theme (implicit and not so implicit) of a possible flaw in Taiwan's over-dependence on, and implicit exploitation by, China, and the second deals with the independent variables of Wen-jen Hsieh's regression analysis.

Compared with the first version, this revised version is richer, more interesting, and a bit less political. Nonetheless, as I commented at the seminar, the political sensitivity in Taiwan has perhaps clouded the inclusion of a more fundamental economic analysis on some issues. Although China had, as the...

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