Trace Metals and Infectious Diseases  
Strüngmann Forum Reports  
Julia Lupp, series editor  
The Ernst Strüngmann Forum is made possible through  
the generous support of the Ernst Strüngmann Foundation,  
inaugurated by Dr. Andreas and Dr. Thomas Strüngmann.  
This Forum was supported by funds from the  
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  
(German Science Foundation)  
Trace Metals and  
Infectious Diseases  
Edited by  
Jerome O. Nriagu and Eric P. Skaar  
Program Advisory Committee:  
Rodney R. Dietert, Julia Lupp, Jerome O. Nriagu, Lothar Rink,  
Anthony B. Schryvers, and Eric P. Skaar  
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Trace metals and infectious diseases / edited by Jerome O. Nriagu and Eric P.  
pages cm. — (Strüngmann Forum reports)  
Includes bibliographical references and index.  
ISBN 978-0-262-02919-3 (hardcover : alk. paper)  
1. Trace elements—Toxicology. 2. Trace elements—Environmental  
aspects. 3. Communicable diseases. I. Nriagu, Jerome O., editor II. Skaar,  
Eric P. (Eric Patrick), editor.  
TD196.T7T725 2015  
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