Survey of Architectural History in Cambridge  
Report Five  
Arthur J. Krim  
with the staff and consultants  
of the Cambridge Historical Commission  
Cambridge Historical Commission  
Cambridge, Massachusetts  
Distributed by The MIT Press  
© Cambridge Historical Commission 1977  
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Published by The Cambridge Historical Commission  
Distributed by The MIT Press, 28 Carleton Street, Cambridge, Mass.  
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Survey and  
Report Staff  
Cambridge City Council  
Alfred E. Vellucci, Mayor  
Saundra Graham, Vice Mayor  
Barbara Ackerman  
David E. Clem  
Daniel ]. Clinton  
Thomas W. Danehy  
Francis H. Duehay  
Leonard J. Russell  
Survey Director  
Arthur J. Krim  
Walter J. Sullivan  
City Manager  
James Leo Sullivan  
Robert H. Nylander  
Cambridge Historical Commission  
Robert G. Neiley, Chairman  
William B. King, Vice Chairman  
Dwight H. Andrews  
Richard Cheek  
Arthur H. Brooks, Jr.  
James F. Clapp, Jr.  
Charles W. Eliot, 2nd  
Joseph G. Sakey  
Hugh M. Lyons, alternate  
Mrs. Charles M. Pierce, alternate  
Bernard Rudolph, alternate  
Managing Editor  
Jonathan Hale  
Consulting Editors  
Bainbridge Bunting  
Susan M. Vogel  
Charles M. Sullivan, Executive Director  
Northwest Cambridge Advisory Committee  
Bradley H. Clarke  
Edward A. Crane  
Thomas W. Danehy  
Louis F. DiGiovanni  
Eugene Flood  
Maps and Plans  
Susan M. Vogel  
Eliza McClennen  
Robert LeBlanc  
Fenton Hollander  
Mrs. Roland E. Leger  
James F. Rice, Jr.  
Mary H. Sullivan  
Design and Layout  
Karyl Klopp