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MARC Records

We understand that full, high-quality MARC records greatly improve the discoverability and usage of your MIT Press eBook collections. 

Getting MARC Records from us

Users can download a complete collection of MARC here: available formats (.mrc | .mrk | .mrk8)

MARC records for our Open Access collection are also available here: available formats (.mrc | .mrk | .mrk8)

Other Annual and Subject Collections are available in .mrc format below. All collections are updated twice annually to include titles which will be published during the upcoming season.

Frontlist Collections

2024 Complete Monographs D2O
2024 HSS Monographs D2O
2024 STEAM Monographs D2O
2024 Trade Collection

Backfile Collections

Updated annually to include all content except current frontlist

Complete Backfile Monographs D2O
HSS Backfile Monographs D2O
STEAM Backfile Monographs D2O
Trade Books Backfile Collection 

Annual Collections

2023 Complete Monographs D2O
2023 HSS Monographs D2O
2023 STEAM Monographs D2O
2023 Trade Collection
2022 Complete Monographs D2O
2022 HSS Monographs D2O
2022 STEAM Monographs D2O
2022 Trade Collection
2022 Cognet Complete Books
Trade Books Backfile Through 2021
2021 Books Collection
2020 Books Collection
2019 Books Collection
2018 Books Collection
2017 Books Collection
2016 Books Collection
2011-2015 Archive
2006 - 2010 Archive
Archive Through 2005

Legacy Subject Collections

2021 Books Economics
2021 Books Environmental Science
2021 Books Essential Knowledge Series
2021 Books Philosophy
2021 Books Science, Technology & Society

(last update: 11:15 a.m. EST  6/7/2024)

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