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Direct to Open

Commitment Window

Now through November 30, 2022

By participating in Direct to Open, libraries have an opportunity to shift from buying digital monographs from the MIT Press once for a single collection to funding them “once for the world.” Together, we can make knowledge more open and accessible.

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How Were the Fees Calculated?

The participation fees for the offer were calculated to allow the Press to replace revenues currently generated by the sale of digital scholarly monographs and edited collections to libraries. That revenue level will not, however, completely cover the Press’s costs for publishing these titles.

Scenarios under which the Press can reach the revenue target were modeled by combining:

  1. Various assumptions about provisional fee levels for each subject collection
  2. The number of institutions anticipated to commit to support each of the collections

To determine fees that allow the offer to reach the revenue target, the Press:

  • Assessed the total universe of academic institutions—by type, size, and region—that could participate in a collective open offer;
  • Estimated (based on past demand) the percentage of institutions in each segment expected to commit to one or both subject collections;
  • Estimated the relative value of each collection based on number of titles;
  • Indexed the fee tiers based on the median acquisitions budget for each tier; and
  • Set provisional fee levels sufficient to achieve the revenue target.

Discounts on the MIT Press Trade eBooks Collection

D2O participating libraries receive a discount on the MIT Press Trade eBooks Collection on Direct (see pricing and discounts in the table below). Contact us at to begin the conversation.

Trade Collection 2022 (incl. Trade backfile) Est number of titles Pricing Price per title Pricing for D2O libraries Price per title
5/Doctoral Universities FTE 10,000+ 70 $4,900 $70.00 $3,675 $52.50
4/Doctoral Universities FTE 5,000+ 70 $3,675 $52.50 $2,756 $39.38
3/Master’s Colleges & Universities 70 $2,756 $39.38 $2,067 $29.53
2/Baccalaureate Colleges 70 $2,067 $29.53 $1,550 $22.15
1/Associate’s Colleges 70 $1,550 $22.15 $1,163 $16.61

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