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Direct to Open

Participate in Direct to Open

Supporter Benefits

As a supporting library you will:

  • Contribute to the opening of around 90 monographs on publication;
  • Receive one year of access to the corresponding monographs backfile (~ 2,300 titles in the complete D2O collection) even if the model is not successful;
  • Receive 25% discounting on the 2022 Trade Collection.

Next steps

Direct to Open takes your institutional size, type, and collections budget into account. This approach means granular pricing tiers to ensure the lowest possible fees for participating libraries. If you are interested in becoming a supporting library, please get in contact so that we can:

  • Build a customized prospectus for your institution or consortium;
  • Follow up to talk through the model and answer questions you have.

Contact Emily Farrell (Library Partnerships & Sales Lead, to begin the conversation.


We are adding resources to this area on a regular basis as they become available. Return often for new documents and information.


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