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English Corpus Linguistics: Variation in Time, Space, and Genre [Selected papers from ICAME 32, 2011]

Gisle Andersen and Kristin Bach (editors) (University of Oslo and NHH Norwegian School of Economics)

Amsterdam: Rodopi (Language and computers: Studies in practical linguistics, volume 77), 2013, vi+257pp; hardbound, ISBN 978-90-420-3679-6, €55.00; e-book, ISBN 978-94-012-0940-3, €50.00; both formats together, €61.00

Lambda Calculus with Types

Henk Barendregt*, Wil Dekkers*, and Richard Statman

(*Radboud University and Carnegie Mellon University)

Cambridge University Press and Association for Symbolic Logic (Perspectives in Logic series, edited by Thomas Scanlon), 2013, xxii+833 pp; hardbound, ISBN 978-0-521-76614-2, $91.95

Linguistic Fundamentals for Natural Language Processing: 100 Essentials from Morphology and Syntax

Emily M. Bender

University of Washington

Morgan & Claypool (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, edited by Graeme Hirst, volume 20), 2013, xvii+166 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-1-62705-011-1, $40.00; ebook, ISBN 978-1-62705-012-9, $30.00 or by subscription

Computing Meaning, volume 4

Harry Bunt*, Johan Bos, Stephen Pulman (editors)

(*Tilburg University, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, and Oxford University) Springer (Text, speech and language technology series, edited by Nancy Ide, volume 46), 2014, viii+260 pp; hardbound, ISBN 978-94-007-7283-0, 129.00; e-book, ISBN 978-94-007-7284-7, 99.00

Recognizing Textual Entailment: Models and Applications

Ido Dagan*, Dan Roth, Mark Sammons and Fabio Zanzotto

*Bar-Ilan University, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Morgan & Claypool (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, edited by Graeme Hirst, volume 23), 2013, xx+200 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-1-59829-834-5, $40.00; ebook, ISBN 978-1-59829-835-2, $30.00 or by subscription

Lexical Analysis: Norms and Exploitations

Patrick Hanks

(University of Wolverhampton)

Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2013, xv+462 pp; hardbound, ISBN 978-0-262-01857-9, $60.00, £41.95

*Quantum Physics and Linguistics

Chris Heunen, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, and Edward Grefenstette (editors)

(University of Oxford)

Oxford University Press, 2013, xx+409 pp.; hardbound, ISBN 978-0-19-964629-6, £45.00

Essentials of Cognitive Grammar

Ronald W. Langacker

(University of California, San Diego)

Oxford University Press, 2013, viii+269 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-0-19-993735-6, $24.95 [A reprint of parts I and II of Langacker's Cognitive Grammar (2008).]

Computational Modeling of Narrative

Inderjeet Mani

Children's Organization of Southeast Asia

Morgan & Claypool (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, edited by Graeme Hirst, volume 18), 2013, xvii+124 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-1-60845-981-0, $40.00; ebook, ISBN 978-1-60845-982-7, $30.00 or by subscription

Semantic Relations Between Nominals

Vivi Nastase1, Preslav Nakov2, Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha3, and Stan Szpakowicz4

1FBK, Trento; 2QCRI, Qatar Foundation; 3University of Cambridge; 4University of Ottawa

Morgan & Claypool (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, edited by Graeme Hirst, volume 19), 2013, xvii+124 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-1-60845-979-7, $40.00; ebook, ISBN 978-1-60845-980-3, $30.00 or by subscription

A Computational Introduction to Linguistics: Describing Language in Plain PROLOG

Almerindo E. Ojeda

[University of California, Davis]

Stanford, CA: CSLI Publications (CSLI Lecture Notes number 206), xv+435 pp; hardbound, ISBN 978-1-57586-657-4, $70.00; paperbound, ISBN 978-1-57586-659-8, $30.00; e-book, ISBN 978-1-57586-660-4, no price listed

Learnability and Cognition: The acquisition of argument structure (new edition)

Steven Pinker

[Harvard University]

Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2013 (first edition published 1989), xx+488 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-0-262-51840-6, $35.00

Web Corpus Construction

Roland Schäfer and Felix Bildhauer

Freie Universität Berlin

Morgan & Claypool (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, edited by Graeme Hirst, volume 22), 2013, xv+129 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-1-60845-983-4, $40.00; ebook, ISBN 978-1-60845-984-1, $30.00 or by subscription