This journal has a knowledgeable and hard-working editorial board, listed on the journal's Web site, but for most submissions we also enlist the aid of specialist reviewers outside the editorial board. The Editor of Computational Linguistics would like to express her gratitude to the external reviewers listed here, who anonymously reviewed papers for the journal during the preparation of this volume (Volume 43). Their generosity, judicious judgment, and prompt response substantially helped us to publish a journal that both is timely and maintains exacting scientific standards; it is a genuine pleasure to thank them collectively for their dedicated service.

Adam Lopez

Richard Sproat

Bing Liu

Kristy Hollingshead Seitz

Trevor Cohn

Alessandro Moschitti

Lluis Marquez

Emily Pitler

Emily Bender

Marine Carpuat

Curdin Derungs

Hang Li

Elena Cabrio

Massimo Poesio

Ron Artstein

Ani Nenkova

Mark Dras

Yoav Goldberg

Frank Keller

Joyce Chai

Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

Vera Demberg

Michael White

Alexander Koller

Amanda Stent

Roberto Navigli

Jing Jiang

Aline Villavicencio

Sara Tonelli

Magnus Sahlgren

Ludovico Boratto

Taro Watanabe

Ulf Hermjakob

Diana Inkpen

Aasish Pappu

Kallirroi Georgila

Ondrej Bojar

Xuanjing Huang

Marco Kuhlmann

Robert Levine

Qun Liu

Jack Grieve

Andreas Vlachos

Manaal Faruqui

Simone Teufel

Arne Skjærholt

Christian Hardmeier

Andrei Popescu-Belis

Joel Tetreault

Barbara Plank

Vera Demberg

Katrin Erk

Nathan Schneider

Micha Elsner

Margaret Mitchell

Advaith Siddharthan

Enrique Alfonseca

Sanae Fujita

Carlo Strapparava

Raquel Fernandez

Marie-Francine Moens

Alan Ritter

James Henderson

Felice Dell'Orletta

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