Compact disc, 2020, UK TRRN 1443, available from Aural Terrains,

In A Certain Slant of Light (2020), Thanos Chrysakis and Chris Cundy successfully explore a distinctive sonic territory that stems from the duo's strategy of mixing digitaland analog electronic instrumental sources. This electroacoustic duo performs on a variety of instruments and sources. Chrysakis performs on laptop, synthesizers, a vintage reel-to-reel tape deck, and a Watkins Copicat. Cundy performs on bass clarinet, megaphone, voice changer, zither, and amplified objects. This distinctive instrumentation has great potential for experimenting with various timbral combinations, and can exploit a full sonic range in one fell swoop. This sonic palette provides performance possibilities that have the potential for continually developing the musical landscape.

Chrysakis and Cundy do not seem to follow any rigid format when setting up their performances beforehand. Instead, they meet each other in the moment, intuitively matching one another, and encouraging...

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