UK company Spitfire Audio has released a new BBC Symphony Orchestra sample library that runs as a plug-in. The samples were recorded at Maida Vale Studios in London, which has been the home of the orchestra since the 1930s. More than 200 hours of recordings were made, generating more than one million samples. The library uses a lossless compression format that results in a size of 565 GB.

Fifty-five instruments were recorded, across all string, brass, woodwind, and percussion sections of the orchestra. These include soloists and groups, various dynamics, release triggers, recorded legatos, and 418 different playing techniques. There is a legato patch available for each of the main instruments, including the groups. In the case of strings, the legato patches include portamento, slurred transitions, and short notes. The legato patches for the flute and piccolo include slurred transitions, fast run transitions, and short staccato notes.

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