This double issue of Computer Music Journal consists of a guest-edited special issue as well as some off-topic articles handled by our usual editorial staff. The guest editors, Franziska Schroeder and Romain Michon, have written this issue's Editors' Notes, in which they describe the articles they selected, all of which concern new musical interfaces. Among other topics, the articles highlight accessibility and diversity, reflecting the theme of the 2020 New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference.
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The off-topic articles include an interview with composer Thomas DeLio, a detailed analysis of one of Kerry Hagan's compositions, and a historical overview of an Italian electronic music studio, Rome's Centro Ricerche Musicali (echoing a somewhat similar overview of Padua's Centro di Sonologia Computazionale in CMJ 43:4). Although these three were not guest-edited articles, the last of them does emphasize new musical interfaces, fitting well with the special issue's theme. Please refer to...

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