Compact disc, 2019, COV91913, available from Coviello Classics, 21 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3HH,

This disc features two, significant, multimovement works, as well as a violin solo, by composer David Felder. The first piece, “Jeu de Tarot,” is scored for violin soloist, eleven performers, and electronics. The second piece, “Netivot,” is for string quartet and electronics. The presence of virtuoso violinist Irvine Arditti is felt throughout this disc, as a soloist alongside an ensemble, as part of a string quartet, or as an unaccompanied soloist. The two ensemble works will be reviewed here.

“Jeu de Tarot” is based upon seven cards (one per movement) from a tarot deck. Each is, in a sense, sounded out by the soloist, ensemble, and electronics part. This piece is chock-full of unexpected sounds, gestures, and combinations of materials. A keyboard part includes parts for piano, harpsichord, and a MIDI keyboard, which can,...

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