Digital Performer 11 is an upgrade to Mark of the Unicorn's (MOTU's) well-known digital audio workstation (DAW). Among the new features are Articulation Maps, Retrospective Record, support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), a redesigned Nanosampler plug-in, as well as support for macOS Big Sur and native compatibility with silicon Macs.

The new Articulation Maps feature is designed for use with sound libraries that have multiple articulations available for instruments. Users can now create or import articulation maps that produce expressive instrument and ensemble performances. Articulations can be mapped to a symbol in Digital Performer's QuickScribe notation editor and each articulation can trigger multiple kinds of output.

This new edition of Digital Performer can also be used with MPE MIDI controllers. It records notes as standard MIDI notes with encapsulated MPE expression data. The user can view recordings as a stream of MIDI notes with controllers superimposed on top of each...

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