The 23rd International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) conference will be held in Bangalore, India, 4–8 December 2022. The annual conference is a leading research forum related to processing, analyzing, searching, organizing, and accessing music-related data. The 23rd ISMIR conference has welcomed contributions related to any aspect of music information research including foundations and theories for music processing, analysis, algorithms, evaluation, and applications.

ISMIR aims to be an interdisciplinary research community involving researchers, developers, educators, librarians, students, and professionals from various disciplines such as computer science, electrical engineering, musicology, cognitive science, and library and information sciences. The ISMIR conference provides a venue for the exchange of ideas, issues, results, and perspectives among different profiles of people working with music and computing in a broad sense.

In addition to established research topics and tasks, ISMIR has encouraged submissions that pose new ideas and challenges. Submissions of novel music-related topics, tasks,...

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