Compact disc and digital download, 2021, available from Toxo Records, Naples, Italy. or from

Machine Milieu is an album based around a live electronics project by Agostino Di Scipio and Dario Sanfilippo that brings together two dynamical computer music systems, independently developed and designed to interact with each other through the performance environment. The two systems might be considered as extensions or variations of Di Scipio's Audible Ecosystemics works—particularly “Background Noise Study” and “Feedback Study” (2003–2005), and of Sanfilippo's “Audible Icarus” (2012–2018) and the Single-Fader Versatility project (2013–2019). Their collaboration culminated in July 2021 with a self-titled release on Toxo Records, available both as a digital album and as a compact disc.

In this performance duo, Di Scipio and Sanfilippo make use of different audio programming and DSP techniques, microphones, loudspeakers, piezo discs, and carton pipes to create a hybrid assemblage in which both performers and technological...

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