The articles in this double issue were selected by guest editors Rodrigo Cádiz and Federico Schumacher, who serve respectively on the faculties of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile, both in Santiago. The guest editors had issued a call for papers on the theme “Challenges and Perspectives of Latin American Computer Music.” Please refer to their Editors' Notes in this issue for a description of the chosen articles.

The guest editors have also served as curators for our annual Sound [and Video] Anthology, which can be accessed at This issue contains the program notes for the anthology, which similarly focuses on Latin American computer music.

TFront cover. Two extracts of musical scores, from the articles by Menezes and Dal Farra, respectively. Top: A page from “Parcours de l'entité” by Flo Menezes, which won an award of distinction in the 1995 Prix Ars Electronica...

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