The 88M is a compact 10 × 10 audio interface (see Figure 1) that uses the same 88 Marinair transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier as Neve's 88RS console. It has two combination microphone/line/DI inputs on the front panel, which feed into the Marinair transformer. There are independent phantom power switches and a gain control for each. LED indicators are provided for each signal type and activation of phantom power. The rear panel features eight ADAT digital inputs and output on TOSLINK optical connectors and two analog monitor outputs on TRS jacks. Balanced inserts for send and return loops on the two analog input channels are also located here.

The front panel has a TRS jack for headphone output with an independent level control. Beside this there is a large monitor pot similar to that found on the 88RS console. The interface provides latency free monitoring for mono and stereo signals.

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