The Ampero Control from Hotone Audio is a compact programmable Bluetooth MIDI foot controller with four foot switches. Each of the four foot switches can be programmed to send up to 16 different MIDI messages, including program change, control change, and note on/off messages. The messages can be output via the controller's MIDI port, USB, or wirelessly over Bluetooth.

There are two MIDI 5-pin DIN ports on the rear panel, a MIDI input, and a MIDI output/thru. The MIDI input can be used to daisy-chain multiple Ampero Control's together or to include the foot controller as part of a larger MIDI setup. MIDI messages received through the MIDI input port, via Bluetooth or USB, are sent to the MIDI output. Two TRS jack ports on the rear can be used to connect expression pedals and external foot switches to the Ampero Control.

A mobile app is used to configure the...

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