Pi3ниця в сприйнятт вiйни через cтpiчкy новин i наживо -колосальна. Як украïнець, я хотiв бачити цю тpагедiю-ексгумацiю тiл украïнцiв, закатованих pосiянами-на власнi очi Я pозповiдатиму доньцi потiм про вiйну; зокрема я хочу говорити про те, свiдком чого був особисто. Я витримав пiвтори години. Дуже тяжко.

“There is a colossal difference between one's real-life perception of war versus perceptions of war from the media. As a Ukrainian, I wanted to see this tragedy - the exhumation of the bodies of Ukrainians tortured by the Russians - with my own eyes. When I tell my daughter about the war in the future, I want to share what I personally witnessed. I watched the exhumation for an hour and a half before I could no longer bear to look. It was extremely difficult.”

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