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Editorial Information

Daedalus publishes by invitation only, and assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts.

Editorial Address

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
136 Irving Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
tel: 617-576-5085
fax: 617-576-5088

Managing Editor and Director of Publications

Phyllis S. Bendell

Associate Editor

Peter Walton

Assistant Editor

Heather M. Struntz

Committee on Studies and Publications

  • John Mark Hansen, Chair
  • Rosina Bierbaum
  • Johanna Drucker
  • Gerald Early
  • Carol Gluck
  • Linda Greenhouse
  • John Hildebrand
  • Philip Khoury
  • Arthur Kleinman
  • Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
  • Alan I. Leshner
  • Rose McDermott
  • Michael S. McPherson
  • Frances McCall Rosenbluth
  • Scott D. Sagan
  • Nancy C. Andrews (ex officio)
  • David W. Oxtoby(ex officio)
  • Diane P. Wood (ex officio)
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