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Call for Papers

Special Issue: Language and Knowledge Computing


Data Intelligence (DI) on Metadata for Data Intelligence. DI is an open-access, metadata-centric journal intended for data creators, curators, stewards, policymakers, and domain scientists/researchers as well as communities interested in sharing data. DI informs industry leaders, researchers, and scientists engaged in sharing and reusing data, metadata, knowledge bases, and data visualization tools. In addition to traditional articles addressing methodologies and/or resources, the journal also publishes “data articles” in the form of knowledge graphs, ontologies, and linked datasets.

This special issue invites various contributions from scientists and researchers to present the latest progress and best practices and applications on Language and Knowledge Computing. The topics include but not limited to the following:

  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Knowledge base construction
  • Natural language processing 
  • Knowledge graph construction and application 
  • Knowledge graph open resource and related fields

The deadline for submitting papers is August 31, 2022.

 Please see here for a full description and timeline.

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