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Special Issue Call for Papers

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Data Management

This special issue aims to understand the clinical applications of AI in healthcare applications, specifically on data management. It will highlight significant advancements in various health care data management and analytics in healthcare.

Topics to be discussed in this special issue include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Medical Informatics with AI and genetic algorithms for healthcare
  • Data management with AI for Wearable medical devices and genetic studies
  • Privacy and security in healthcare data management with AI and cybersecurity
  • Role of AI in Electronic Health Records and genetics
  • Health data prediction with AI and ML
  • AI and Ethical computational intelligence for health data management• Deep learning for medical image processing and decision making
  • Medical image segmentation and classification with deep learning and computer vision techniques
  • Image reconstruction and image quality in genetics
  • Advances in distributed machine learning for health data management
  • New trends in vision analytics with deep learning and computer vision for medical imaging and data analytics


The deadline for submitting papers is Dec 05, 2022.

Please see here for a full description and timeline.


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