The experience of audiences at performative events is too often devoid of stakes. Counter Indications examined how a theatrical installation can use media and spatial design to bring a passive audience into the decision-making process, and past the comfortable catharsis of traditional theatre to experience some of the implications of government-sanctioned interrogation and torture.

External Supplements

Counter Indications (2008)

Documents the performance/installation, Counter Indications, created in collaboration with media designer Jacob Pinholster. Premiered Space 55, Phoenix, Arizona in April 2008. Created with funding from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University.

"Interviewers" featured in the performance documentation are: Steven Mastroieni and Desiree Rowe.

"Interviewees/Plants" for this documentation are: Keola Medeiros, Heidi Haru Ernst, Elizabeth Peterson, and Angela Giron.