The contemporary dance production shuffleyamamba by Japan-based dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker Yasuko Yokoshi takes inspiration from the medieval noh play Yamamba (Mountain Crone). Drawing from the female-centered focus of the play and the complexity of the yamamba image, Yokoshi, in collaboration with American sound artist Gelsey Bell, weaves together a multifaceted work that celebrates the enduring legacies of dance and female performance.

Yasuko Yokoshi shuffleyamamba (Toyooka Performance), presented by Kinosaki International Arts Center

English webpage announcing Yasuko Yokoshi’s shuffleyamamba Toyoooka Performance with brief promotional video.

A Review of Yasuko Yokoshi shuffleyamamba (Toyooka Performance) by Kyoko Iwaki (Theater Performance Studies)

A review of Yasuko Yokoshi’s shuffleyamamba by Kyoko Iwaki, translated by Rebecca Copeland

Interview with Yasuko Yokoshi “On Inheritance,” interviewed by Jun Tsutsui (dracom)

Jun Tsutsui, leader of dracom, interviews Yasuko Yokoshi about her creative process and “inheritance,” August 2017.