Amy Ellen Schwartz, Editor

Eric Brunner, Stephanie Riegg Cellini, Joshua Cowen, and Susanna Loeb, Associate Editors


Dr. Amy Ellen Schwartz is the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Professor of Public Affairs at Syracuse University's Maxwell School, where she is also Professor of Economics and Public and International Affairs and Senior Research Associate at the Center for Policy Research. She also serves as the Director of the Institute for Education and Social Policy at NYU. Professor Schwartz's research interests span a broad range of issues in education and social policy, public finance, and urban economics. Current projects include research into the causes and consequences of student mobility; the impact of neighborhood crime on urban students; the link between neighborhoods, schools, and child obesity; the impact of housing vouchers on children's educational outcomes; and the effect of summer employment on urban youth.

Professor Schwartz's work has been published in a range of journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, Education Finance and Policy, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, The Journal of Human Resources, and the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. She is the editor of City Taxes, City Spending: Essays in Honor of Dick Netzer and co-editor of Measuring School Performance and Efficiency.

Dr. Schwartz's research has been funded by the Institute for Education Sciences, the National Science Foundation, and National Institutes of Health, as well as through grants from a variety of foundations, including the Spencer Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Smith Richardson Foundation, and WT Grant Foundation. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association. In 2009 she served as the President of the Association for Education Finance and Policy.

Professor Schwartz received her BS from Cornell University, and her MA, M. Phil., and PhD from Columbia University.

Associate Editors

Dr. Eric Brunner is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics in the Department of Public Policy at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Brunner received his BA from the University of Connecticut and his MS and PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Dr. Stephanie Riegg Cellini is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics at George Washington University and Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Dr. Cellini received her BA from Stanford, and her MA and PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Joshua Cowen is Associate Professor of Education at Michigan State University. Dr. Cowen received his BA from the University of Michigan, his MPP from Georgetown University, and his MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Dr. Susanna Loeb is Barnett Family Professor of Education at Stanford University, faculty director of the Center for Education Policy Analysis, and a co-director of Policy Analysis for California Education. Dr. Loeb received both her BS and BA from Stanford and her MPP and PhD from the University of Michigan.