GLOBAL is a multi-start type stochastic method for bound constrained global optimization problems. Its goal is to find the best local minima that are potentially global. For this reason it involves a combination of sampling, clustering, and local search. The role of clustering is to reduce the number of local searches by forming groups of points around the local minimizers from a uniformly sampled domain and to start few local searches in each of those groups. We evaluate the performance of the GLOBAL algorithm on the BBOB 2009 noiseless testbed, containing problems which reflect the typical difficulties arising in real-world applications. The obtained results are also compared with those obtained form the simple multi-start procedure in order to analyze the effects of the applied clustering rule. An improved parameterization is introduced in the GLOBAL method and the performance of the new procedure is compared with the performance of the MATLAB GlobalSearch solver by using the BBOB 2010 test environment.

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