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Volume 1

Imaging Neuroscience is an open access non-profit journal. The scope of the journal includes research that significantly contributes to the understanding of brain function, structure, and behavior through the application of neuroimaging, as well as major advances in brain imaging methods. The focus is on imaging of the brain and spinal cord, in humans and other species, and includes neurophysiological and neuromodulation methods.

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Volume One Call for Papers

The MIT Press launches open access journal Imaging Neuroscience

As of Summer 2023, the MIT Press has launched Imaging Neuroscience. Intended to become the premier journal in the field of neuroimaging, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Stephen M. Smith, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Oxford University. He is joined by the entire former editorial team from the journals Neuroimage and Neuroimage: Reports—a departure that has been hailed by The Chronicle of Higher Education as a “high-profile move… in the long-unfolding battle over who pays and who benefits in the academic-publishing world.”

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Submit to Imaging Neuroscience

Our full submission platform is now ready for submission of new papers at (For papers that had already been submitted to our interim Janeway platform, please continue to use that [at] until the review process for those papers is concluded.)

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