This paper describes Vase Forms: a series of art works created using morphogenetic processes. A key motivation for these works was exploration of ways of working creatively with complex generative processes, such as morphogenetic systems, where the desire is to be able to influence the process in creative directions whilst achieving desired properties, such as fabricability using 3D printing, in a manner that retains rich emergence. The paper describes methods used in the creation of these works, including directly affecting morphogenetic processes using constraints and differential growth rates, combined with evolutionary search and machine learning algorithms to explore the space of possibilities afforded by the system. As well as describing the creation of Vase Forms, which have been successfully used to create sculptures, the paper looks at the closely related Mutant Vase Forms: an additional series of artworks created by accident when the system exploited bugs in the rules for the growth system resulting in unexpected but aesthetically interesting structures. These Mutant Vase Forms are not fabricable as physical sculptures with the originally intended methods, but now exist as virtual sculptures in stereoscopic installations.

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