From April 1, 2018, to March 31, 2019, International Security received 339 article manuscripts. International Security relies heavily on the evaluations and advice of external reviewers in making its editorial decisions. The editors thank the reviewers listed below for their invaluable assistance. As in previous years, we are recognizing outstanding reviewers for the exceptional quality, quantity, and timeliness of their reviews. Outstanding reviewers are denoted with an asterisk (∗).

Max Abrahms

James Acton∗

Karen Adams

Fiona Adamson

Prakash Adhikari

Mansoor Ahmed∗

Holger Albrecht

Khalid Almezaini

Dan Altman

Nicholas Anderson

Christopher Anzalone∗

Eduardo Araral

Aaron Arnold

Robert Art

Tricia Bacon

Kristin Bakke

Brian Balmer

Navin Bapat

Corinne Bara

Michael Beckley

Paul Welch Behringer

Mark Bell

Alex Bellamy

Mats Berdal

Jeffrey Berejikian

Rasmus Bertelsen

Daniel Bessner

Richard Betts

Stephen Biddle

Stephen Black

Erica Borghard

Wyn Bowen

Frédéric Bozo

Risa Brooks∗

Davis Brown

Sarah Bush

Daniel Byman∗

Mary Caprioli

Allison Carnegie

Austin Carson...

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