With this issue, we announce several changes to the journal's masthead. Since 2009, the International Security editorial team has included a rotating group of associate editors who provide general editorial advice, help review manuscripts, and identify possible submissions. The time has come for a further rotation of the journal's associate editors. We say farewell to Alexander Downes and Dan Lindley, who served as associate editors for the past three years. We thank them for their contributions and willingness to devote their time to the journal. We welcome new Associate Editors Risa Brooks of Marquette University and Sumit Ganguly of Indiana University. We are fortunate that David Edelstein, Frank Gavin, and Kelly Greenhill will continue to serve as associate editors.

The masthead also reflects three changes to the journal's Editorial Board. Having completed his distinguished tenure as director of the Belfer Center and chair of the Editorial Board since 1995, Graham Allison is now chairman emeritus. Also, we bid farewell to Cindy Williams, who has served on the International Security Editorial Board since 2003. Dr. Williams, a principal research scientist for many years at MIT's Security Studies Program, is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

Finally, we mark with sadness the passing of Admiral Stansfield Turner, a member of the International Security Editorial Board since 1985. In addition to his service to the journal, Admiral Turner ably served his country. His distinguished naval career culminated when he became NATO commander-in-chief, allied forces southern Europe. He was director of central intelligence from 1977 to 1981. The editors and the U.S. national security community will miss him.

—The Editors