My travels with Charlie began a half-century ago

In Building E10 where all was aglow.

Our department was new and full of great promise

Thanks to Luke Teuber's dream of a grand synthesis.

He housed strange bedfellows under a single roof:

Fodor, Nauta, and Held—this wasn't a spoof.

Charlie was buddies with Peter and Steve;

These “three musketeers,” great science conceived.

In the mid-60s, Charlie moved down Mem Drive;

Greener pastures at Harvard ensured he would thrive.

In 1970, Charlie packed up his whole crew

For a professorship at Princeton, which was long overdue.

He set up his lab and pursued his grand dream

To uncover the wonders of the ventral stream.

In '75 Charlie wanted to take some time off,

So he came back to us as a visiting prof.

I remember one classic winter day

When Charlie and family came to Concord to play.

We went sledding on...

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