Stephen M. Kosslyn is Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and an Associate Psychologist in the Department of Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He received his B.A. in 1970 from UCLA and his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1974, both in psychology, and taught at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Brandeis Universities before joining the Harvard Faculty as Professor of Psychology in 1983. His work focuses on the nature of visual mental imagery and high-level vision, as well as applications of psychological principles to visual display design. He has published over 125 papers on these topics, co-edited five books, and authored or co-authored five books. His books include Image and Mind (1980), Ghosts in the Mind's Machine (1983), Wet Mind: The New Cognitive Neuroscience (with 0. Koenig, 1992), Elements of Graph Design (1994), and Image and Brain: The Resolution of the Imagery Debate (1994). Dr. Kosslyn has received numerous honors, including the National Academy of Sciences Initiatives in Research Award, is currently on the editorial boards of many professional journals, and has served on several National Research Council committees to advise the government on new technologies.

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