In the virtual choreography, “Fluente”, the human material body is no more solid as we see, but is fluid as we imagine. One can see motion flows through the material body, because all the fluid motions are consequent on the energy transmission. Furthermore, the energy transmission does not only exist on one individual, but also exist among groups gradually and continually underlain the energetic conservation. Dancers exercise their body everyday in the aim to discover and rehearse how the motion of the whole is duly evolved from their motor locus. The process by which motors provoke the whole motion is as mysterious as beautiful; therefore, the author realizes it in the virtual choreography, “Fluente”. “Fluente” does not aim to present the fluid motion of human body but to explore the “inner propagation” existing within the real material bones, muscles, and our imagination as well. It comes from the center source with the vital breathe to flow as well to propagate perpetually.

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