Grayson Cooke

For the past 40 years, Landsat satellites have been circling Earth. They orbit at around 700 km from the Earth’s surface, completing a full orbit every 90 minutes and returning to the same location every 16 days. Equipped with sensors that record reflected electromagnetic radiation in the visible light and infrared wavelengths, they are used by scientists to track environmental change over time.

Since July 2017 I have been working with Landsat 8 satellite data from Geoscience Australia in Canberra and with their Digital Earth Australia platform [1]. In that time I have produced a series of still images that form montages of different environmental and atmospheric conditions in a single location over the span of a year [2]. I have also produced the feature film Open Air, which features time-lapse satellite images of Australia set against aerial macrophotography of the paintings and processes...

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