Nigel Helyer and John Potts

In our paper, we describe the findings of the research project “When Science Meets Art: An Environmental Portrait of the Shoalhaven River Valley.” This three-year project, supported by an Australia Council Synapse grant and an ARC Linkage Grant, took an interdisciplinary approach in constructing an environmental portrait of the Bundanon region in rural New South Wales. Bundanon is a vast property of 1,100 hectares in the Shoalhaven River Valley; it is the former home of artist Arthur Boyd, and today it is the site of an artists’ retreat and education center. Techniques of environmental science were combined with cultural history, interactive technology and contemporary art in the research project.

“When Science Meets Art” produced a website titled Cultures cape: An Environmental Portrait of Bundanon. This online portrait comprises an interactive environmental map, an environmental history of the region, representation of a number of walks across...

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