Jasmine Bridges joins Leonardo as its new managing editor, bringing with her a strong background in production editing, project management and strategic planning. See more about Jasmine at https://leonardo.info/network/34070.

Additionally, Jenny Strickland joins the organization from Arizona State University as program coordinator, advancing an array of business development, program and fundraising activities. Read more about her at https://leonardo.info/network/34047.

Salah Hamdoun will be joining the Leonardo team as a graduate research associate for the areas of Creative Enterprise, Innovation, and Development, building on his experience and scholarship in financial inclusion, technology and human development.

You can learn more about the extended Leonardo family at https://www.leonardo.info/team.

Shaping tomorrow, today, requires pathbreaking, creative solutions. To address the alarming “syndemic” of intersecting crises—the pandemic, systemic racial injustice and cascading environmental catastrophes—we’re proud to announce Seize the Moment (STM), a pilot initiative that reimagines higher education for global transformation. STM applies an...

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