How do we harvest wisdom to guide us through uncertain times into an unknown future? Leonardo/ISAST aspires to do this through Leonardo and our other publications, curated programs, signature partnerships such as with Arizona State University (ASU), and our growing community of outside-the-box creatives from around the world.

In a recent conversation, visual storyteller and software pioneer Gary Yost shared how using VR and stereoscopic 3D film can create immersive experiences of shared wisdom. In exploring his Wisdom VR project, we discussed far-ranging issues: how proximity and scale create larger-than-life encounters, the distance required to see emerging patterns, cultivating empathy through relational rather than transactional immersive experience, the value of dwelling in fog, and the sense of urgency driving creativity for transformation today.

Pushing the boundaries of up-close-and-personal, Wisdom VR features intimate profiles of diverse elders and teachers. Paraphrasing Robert Kappa, Yost says, “If your photographs aren’t powerful enough, you’re...

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