I recently stumbled across this extraordinary quote, one that begged me to consider: What are the most unifying questions from history? What questions might unify people today? What questions shape the future?

What are the most compelling questions driving Leonardo? In part, the creative process is both an unbridled pursuit and an undeniable prompt of questions. Questions inspiring or inspired by art, science and technology span those that are seemingly unanswerable, obvious, urgent, timeless, profound, prosaic, fundamental, frivolous, cryptic, provocative, unexpected and, at times, unintended. Creative questions defy categorization. Dichotomies and contradictions abound, invariably yielding few answers and yet more questions.

I am reminded of critical questions that have served as pivot points in my own life. Here’s an undoubtedly incomplete list of those questions I just can’t shake, those I return to repeatedly, and those that floor me every time.

If I am not for myself, who will...

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