This year marks the 30th anniversary of Leonardo’s three decades-long partnership with MIT Press. As a tribute, amidst kickoff celebrations, this special, bilingual issue of Leonardo champions the power and promise of the creative spirit to counter the trauma and devastation of a tumultuous time.

Created in collaboration with CYLAND Media Arts Lab, the efforts to bring Volume 55, Issue 6 to light required overcoming pressures of dislocation, discrimination, disaster, and war with all the associated anguish, fears, and insecurities. We deeply admire the courage, fortitude, and patient dedication of all those whose contributions made this special issue so special. We are especially grateful to our exceptional editorial colleagues, staff, and partners.

Nonetheless, as the events of 2022 unfolded, questions arose regarding Leonardo’s decision to go ahead with this issue and publish work in English and Russian. The following statement reflects our response and our enduring commitment to creative collaboration:...

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